Automotive Automation explains its TMA offering

Automotive Automation explains its TMA offering

PMF breaks down Automotive Automation’s TMA offering, with an insight into how it has benefitted Autoparts South Wales.

Since its formation in 2016, Automotive Automation (AutoMM) has enticed a whole host of motor factors to take up its software offering, with its systems enabling businesses to run smoother than ever before.

While the company’s Vision Mobile application has been at the forefront of this offering and has perhaps taken the limelight, Vision TMA, AutoMM’s time management and attendance system, must not be forgotten. Its original function was to display real-time staff clocking activity and staff locations, but the team at AutoMM has given the system a facelift. Luke Bettles, the company’s Director, commented on the newlook TMA offering: “After launching the system last year, we have successfully implemented TMA units in a number of factors, and even some garages. TMA v.1 was designed to run on wall mounted tablets that provided a reliable, easy to use, affordable time management and attendance solution for organisations of all sizes.

“Since then, we have had a major overhaul and redesigned the clocking in unit, bringing upgrades to functionality, features and design. These new units run on a pre-programmed microcontroller connected to a high resolution 7” touchscreen fitted in a bespoke casing.

Automotive automation tma

“The new TMA unit’s biggest improvement over the original is the introduction of contactless clocking in. Staff members can simply place their clocking cards or key fobs near the side of the unit to clock in or out without touching it. As well as offering a contactless approach to clocking activity, the RFiD scan is registered on the unit in less than a second, speeding up the process of staff coming into the premises and reducing bottlenecks at the entry point.

“The cases fabricated for each unit can be designed to fit in with each customer’s branding, ensuring a seamless fit with existing factor site design and decoration. We design each order of a bespoke unit to include the customer’s logo and colour themes.

“What hasn’t changed is the easy to use, secure control panel to manage staff, access clocking information and download staff activity reports. Once added, supervisors can manage holidays, sick days and view whether staff are on or off site at a glance. A number of reports can be compiled, including a payroll report that can be tailored to import into existing accounts packages, such as Sage.

“Customers that are also signed up to Vision Mobile can view staff clocking activity within the app, including sick days and holidays. MAM Autopart users can link sales operator codes to staff and view their sales performance figures.”

Case study

One factor that has reaped the rewards of putting this newly adapted system into place is Autoparts South Wales. PMF spoke with Nick Edwards, the company’s Director, who had nothing but positive things to say about the software.

“Our HR team informed us that we needed a system that could let us see who was on board, but we couldn’t find an effective solution, particularly with the impact of COVID-19. I then had a conversation with Luke at AutoMM, and he was really helpful. Although I was initially sceptical of AutoMM’s TMA offering – because our drivers are often out 12 times a day – Luke listened to what I was looking for and did everything he could to adapt in order to suit our business.

Automotive automation tma

“AutoMM developed an NFC card with a chip inside so that each member of staff could tap in and out as they entered and exited the premises – it’s similar to an Oyster card!

“Its primary function is to determine who’s on-site for safety purposes, but it can also allow us to see whether our drivers are leaving and arriving for their deliveries, as well as checking whether staff are on time for work. All in all, the system is great!”

For more information on AutoMM’s TMA software, click here.

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