Auto Spares Wales discusses Autopart

Auto Spares Wales discusses Autopart

Auto Spares Wales discusses the impact that MAM Software’s Autopart has had on its business.

Auto Spares Wales, a start-up motor factor based in Newport, recently implemented Autopart in a move that has helped the company go “from strength to strength” in just a few months of trading.

Tony Griffiths, co-owner of Auto Spares Wales, explained how, despite only having launched in February 2021, the software has already formed the backbone of the business. “We wouldn’t be where we are without the help of the software”, Tony noted, revealing that a second branch will be opening in the coming weeks.

Autopart is the business management software of choice for many motor factors, and it was previous experience of the product that made it the logical choice for the new business venture. Tony added, “We could start trading as soon as possible because we already knew our way around the system. It’s something we are all comfortable using.”

Auto Spares Wales is using Autopart Online, the cloud version of the automotive software. Tony admitted it was the first time he had invested in a cloud-based product, but it was a decision that meets the current – and future – needs of the growing venture. Adding users to the system is simple, making it easy for the company to scale up as it continues to expand.

Auto Spares autopart

Many of Autopart’s features are already helping the business thrive, but it is the speed and accuracy of the automotive software that has made it so invaluable from day one.

“What’s most appealing is the speed that you can look up a customer’s enquiry,” Tony continued. “If a customer gets in touch and gives you a registration number, all you have to do is type it into the lookup and within a couple of seconds, you can provide a quote and complete the sale.

“This is ultimately what is going to help us grow our business. It’s the speed and ease that Autopart creates – it allows us to serve our customers as quickly as possible.”

Tony revealed that Autopart allows his team to access a wealth of information with just a few clicks. From sales information to monitoring progress against monthly targets, the automotive business management software is a “complete working tool” that underpins the whole of the motor factor’s operation.

“Quite simply, Autopart is the most important thing in our business. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to quote our customers and turn those quotes into sales,” concluded Tony.

For more information on Autopart, click here.

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