Absolute Alignment discusses modified car market

Absolute Alignment discusses modified car market

Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director Chris Dear weighs in on how your customers could be missing out on substantial revenue from an important market.

Although Absolute Alignment is a supplier of wheel alignment equipment and not an alignment workshop, many visits to the company’s web pages are from people looking for wheel alignment services – and the fastest growing search is for ‘lowered car alignment’, which was up 40% this July.

In the company’s September 2020 article titled ‘Nice Wheels, Shame About the Clearance’, it was discussed how owners of Absolute Alignment equipment can satisfy the need for lowered, sports and performance car alignment. Take the Bluetooth Pro aligner, for example. This 3D product, which contains an in-built ‘spoiler programme’, is able to take on the challenge from the very beginning.

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Many wheel alignment machines cannot cope with modified cars at all, which leaves frustrated owners and a wasted business opportunity. Experience suggests that this is a sector which would be worth targeting in your customers’ local area and even beyond. It is a very real USP that could bring workshops further long-term business; on the whole, modified car owners are active on internet forums, and good news spreads fast. Factors should encourage their customers to add a page on their website on lowered and performance cars, as well as to visit local car shows with their business cards, and add a ‘lowered cars a speciality’ tagline on all of their current advertising. This doesn’t have to cost much, but the results could be surprising.

Owners of modified, lowered and performance vehicles traditionally spend big money on their cars, and the margins for workshops are enticing. If your customers are not currently using Absolute Alignment wheel aligners and want to make the most of these high-spending customers, contact the company’s technical team to book a free demonstration.

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