A platform for success

A platform for success

GS Yuasa has launched its much-anticipated GS Yuasa Academy, an online battery training platform. It was revealed to audiences at Automechanika Birmingham and is now available.

Featuring both Yuasa and GS battery brands, GS Yuasa Academy is the first system of its type for comprehensive online battery training. Aimed at improving customer service, reducing warranty returns and maximising battery business potential, it provides over 20 certified courses tailored to different job roles.

Jon Pritchard, General Sales and Marketing Manager at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK, said, “The reaction to GS Yuasa Academy has been fantastic. Our customers have been impressed with the wide range of courses on offer, how these battery related topics are broken down into easy-to-follow, bite sized modules, and how upon completion of each course, a downloadable certificate is achieved.

“Results of a recent survey of workshop technicians highlighted a real need for comprehensive training. Worryingly, 62% of participants asked did not know what battery state of charge and state of health were, and 52% were unaware of the reasons battery failure is more common in the winter. These results highlighted some concerning knowledge gaps, replicating what we often see at our workshop training events.

“An understanding of batteries is essential for all technicians to ensure that batteries are stored, applicated and fitted correctly. We already had a comprehensive training programme in place, but GS Yuasa Academy offers training to as many workshops as possible.”

GS Yuasa

Designed for individuals and organisations alike, GS Yuasa Academy provides valuable knowledge and skills. Training content is delivered in dynamic video format and courses feature downloadable support material.

GS Yuasa has identified individualized learning programmes, tailored to specific job roles within the industry. Each course module only takes a few minutes to complete, and users can leave the site and return to pick up where they left off at any time.

With engaging presenters and clear graphics to aid learning, GS Yuasa Academy will also detail GS Yuasa’s product ranges – including its key features and benefits, manufacturing processes, information on labeling specification and what it thinks set these ranges apart from competitors.

There are various multiple-choice tests along the way, so individuals can reflect on learning and check their understanding as they progress. Upon completion of each course, a downloadable certificate will be achieved and should be printed as proof of certification in this area.

Whilst GS Yuasa Academy is directed at technicians, it is also designed with large distributors, retailers, motor factors and other organisations in mind. The system helps organisations maximise business potential by managing and monitoring the learning of teams of any size. It can be customised to business requirements with easy-to-use team leader features, including a bulk team upload, progress dashboards, downloadable reports and specific learning paths.

For more information, visit www.rdr.link/FH015

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