A guiding light

A guiding light

Having technical information on a range of products can help when deciding on what to stock, so whenever a company brings a guide to the market, it’s certainly worth a look.

Ring is launching a new Technical Bulb Guide to help factors and garages find the correct bulb that is required for their job.

The catalogue gives detailed information on bulb specifications and upgrade options, with colour coding to help users find the right bulb quickly. The technical guide features images, ECE references and technical drawings for over 600 bulbs, as well as easy-to-use cross referencing and indexing to help select the correct Ring bulb from the information available.

Ring claims that its new catalogue features 300 more references than any other bulb supplier. The auto lighting organisation stocks bulbs that fit half a million applications for around 50 vehicles. This coverage of the UK car parc covers 6V, 12V, 24V and specialist applications.

Ring guide

The oldest vehicle that can be serviced by Ring’s bulbs is the 1954 VW Beetle, with the most recent being the 201 Jaguar FPACE, showcasing the flexibility of the company’s range. Ring also supplies a range of xenon HIDs – including the recently developed R66548 D8S replacement bulbs – plus upgrade options such as longer life, and the Xenon150, which puts up to 150% more light on the road.

As well as showing each bulb, diagrams throughout the guide show where each of them is positioned within the vehicle; on the front, back, sides, or interior. In each instance, the references for each are then listed. This helps the user to better understand exactly what they are looking for. Specific details about the benefits of some of the bulbs gives users further insight into the best available products.

In addition to cars, the guide also provides information for motorcycles, trucks and vans, making it relevant for a range of vehicles.

Carl Harrison, Vehicle Lighting Product Manager, commented, “The new technical guide is the go-to reference book for factors, technicians and buyers that are looking to get the right bulb for the job. Supplying the right bulb for a wide number of cars and applications has always been crucial for Ring: it is one of the reasons we are a leading supplier in the UK and across Europe for automotive lighting.

“We are proud to say that we have been at the forefront of bulb development for over 45 years, and make it a top priority to give our customers the most up-to-date technical data that they need.”

Alan Povey, Technical Support & Training Manager, added, “Technical accuracy is essential to ensure that our customers are getting the correct bulb references. This guide is a must-have for all motor factors and technicians to give them a handy, one-stop-shop for all bulb information.

“The breadth of offering has not come at the cost of quality. We ensure that our bulbs conform to all legal requirements and to our performance claims. The new catalogue will help technicians and factors select the correct bulb quickly, and with confidence.”

Ring guide

Ring tests its bulb ranges on-site in its Quality Assurance laboratories, which feature cutting-edge photometry and light tunnel technology. This allows the company to monitor its ranges, and ensure that they adhere to ECE regulations and are performing to the standards expected by customers.

Included in the checks that the business performs on all bulbs are luminosity and colour, life testing, lamp dimensions, filament positions, and vibration testing. In some instances, there are no international requirements for this level of testing. However, the company ensures that these are completed on every single reference.

From its purpose-built 6,000mÇ distribution facility, Ring fulfils 64,000 orders to over 60 countries each year. It claims to have achieved the highest standards in quality assurance, as well as having been independently assessed by BSI. The company holds ISO:9001 for the manufacture and assembly of automotive lighting.

As well as providing the technical specification of each bulb within its range, the guide also gives the user an insight into the company and the investment that it has made into providing an extensive range of bulbs that aim to meet the expectations of customers across the world.

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